Gas Prices Have Officially Gotten Out Of Control

One of the worst hallmarks of the Biden administration has been inflation. As inflation grips the economy, prices are surging across the board in every sector and industry.

Of course, price increases automatically decrease the monetary value of the salaries earned by everyday Americans. This decrease in value stems from the reality that money doesn’t go as far as it used to in Biden’s America.

The Biden administration continues trying to escape price increases, blaming everything and everyone but left-wing policies and Democrat politicians for inflation.

Currently, gas prices are reaching levels that haven’t been seen in over a decade. What’s more is the cost to fill up one’s vehicle could get even higher, as pointed out by TheBlaze.

Since the morning of Monday, the average gas price in the United States has reached over $4.00 per gallon. Gas prices of this magnitude haven’t been seen since 2008. Then, in some parts of the country, such as California, the average gas price surpasses $5.00.

When inflation is already laying waste to the US economy, the last thing any American needs to be confronted with is paying more money at the pump.

Biden wants Americans to think that Putin’s war in Europe engenders rises in gas prices. However, the Biden administration’s conscious decision to block US energy production is genuinely driving these price hikes.

On Tuesday, after bipartisan pressure, Biden finally announced that America would ban the import of Russian oil. However, the president is still conferring with Iran to see if America can purchase oil from their nation rather than generating our oil.

Countless times, the White House has faulted Putin for what’s happening with US gas prices. Gas prices wouldn’t be higher than they’ve been in over ten years if America still retained the energy independence gained during Trump’s presidency.

One of the most harrowing realities about the current costs of gas is they could get even higher before they get lower. Some people are already projecting that the middle class may cease to exist between significant upticks in gas prices and inflation that remains present on social media.

It could lead to a scenario where America is made up of the rich and the poor. The United States is on a negative trajectory is a major understatement. However, when the White House rolled back its various anti-energy policies, Americans could begin to get some relief at the gas pump.