Former CIA Agent Says Conservatives Should Be Regarded As Terrorists

In an NBC News op-ed, former CIA Senior Intelligence Service officer Marc Polymeropoulos argues for the use of more aggressive tactics against at least a portion of the Republican base.

The former CIA agent cites the attack on Paul Pelosi as probable cause for combatting Republican voters with the same tactics used against Islamic jihadists, claiming the two groups are ideologically parallel.

“I worked in counterterrorism operations for nearly my entire career at the CIA before retiring in 2019. The battle we engaged in with international terrorist groups like Al Qaeda wasn’t just with their legions of foot soldiers but with their highly effective propaganda arms as well,” writes Polymeropoulos.

“The U.S. and our allies considered those propagandists fundamental cogs in a terror group’s machinery, and just as culpable as any other terrorist. So we held them accountable when innocent civilians were killed.”

To summarize, the ex-CIA operative is asserting that the Republican base acts as the“fundamental cogs” of a terrorist organization.

Next, Polymeropoulos writes that the government isn’t taking aggressive enough action against the “violence-inducing propaganda” that Pelosi’s attacker allegedly subscribed to.

“Lone wolves are a thorn for domestic U.S. law enforcement as well, as we saw last week when a man not affiliated with any known group but immersed in right-wing propaganda attacked Paul Pelosi, the husband of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” he continued.

“While the authorities have taken appropriate action against him, there are few signs that the government is taking the big-picture approach needed to combat the violence-inducing propaganda behind his crime.”

There you have it, a former CIA agent makes the case that a drug-addicted, BLM-supporting nudist living in what many argue is America’s bluest city is also a dangerous right-wing propagandist.

Polymeropoulos saved the best for last with his assertion that the U.S. Constitution is at the core of this nation’s right-wing extremist problem.

“The Constitution confers certain free-speech protections for extremist propaganda in the U.S. that prevent authorities from exactly replicating our foreign counterterrorism strategy here at home. But there are important lessons we can and should apply,” he wrote.

“For one thing, we can exercise free speech to proclaim that the normalization of violence against politicians is dangerous and unacceptable. Some violent rhetoric might not be illegal, but it is all morally repugnant.”