Former Campaign Manager Testifies Hillary Approved Disinformation Release to Media

Despite advisers’ uncertainty about the legitimacy of data concerning alleged connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, candidate Hillary Clinton personally approved disclosing their suspicions to the media.

That’s the word from former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, who revealed her actions in testimony Friday. This despite former FBI general counsel James Baker’s Thursday testimony that the agency investigated the alleged link and found “there was nothing there.”

That’s pretty much the definition of disinformation.

The testimony comes in the federal case against former Perkins Coie law firm partner Michael Sussmann, who is on trial in Washington on a federal false-statement charge. Special counsel John Durham charges Sussmann lied to the bureau over the allegations against then-candidate Trump.

Specifically, Sussmann is accused of falsely asserting to the FBI that he was not working on behalf of a client. This came as he relayed “evidence” and internet data connections between a server related to Trump and another for the Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank.

Mook testified in federal court Friday that, just before Election Day, he told candidate Clinton that there was data linking Trump to the Russian bank. He says he told Clinton that “we want to share it with a reporter,” and she agreed.

The information came from Mark Elias, then an attorney with Perkins Coie, who relayed to Mook that cyberactivity “experts” found the alleged links. Sussmann, Elias’ then-partner, took the claims to the FBI and was charged with lying about his link to the Clinton campaign.

On the witness stand, Mook admitted that the campaign had not verified the accuracy of the data given to the media. In fact, part of the reason for sharing the information was for the reporter to “vet the information.” The “scoop” was shared with the New York Times and Slate.

He also testified that the original source of the supposed evidence of Trump’s linkage to the Kremlin is “unknown.” Despite this, the Times reported that the FBI had a “widening investigation” of the now-discredited “links.” The textbook definition of disinformation.