Florida Puts The Biden Administration In Its Place

The relationship between Florida and the Biden Administration is not good. Governor DeSantis of Florida has repeatedly butted heads with Biden and his Press Secretary, Jen Psaki.

Last year, Biden told Republican Governors to “get out of the way” and stop interfering with his burdensome medical mandates. DeSantis shot back, letting the country know that when it comes to Biden trying to destroy the livelihoods and freedoms of Floridians, he’ll continue standing in Biden’s way.

DeSantis and Biden have clashed on multiple other occasions, prompting Psaki to take various shots at the Florida Governor. The Republican Governor subsequently responded by stating that Psaki lies through her teeth each day during a press conference.

As it turns out, Florida and the Biden Administration are butting heads yet again. This time, the conflict pertains to the President’s wayward attempt of unleashing a child trafficking ring in the Sunshine State, as covered by The Federalist.

Before Governor DeSantis stepped in, the Biden Administration was well on its way to set up housing facilities for illegal immigrants. In doing this, the President was paving the way for minors who come across the border to be trafficked and exposed to countless other horrors.

The Florida Governor doesn’t have it. Towards the end of last year, he implemented an emergency order that prohibits funding and licensing to agencies stashing minors who come across the border in facilities.

DeSantis made it clear that Florida won’t sit around and let Biden use the state in his plot to incentivize breaking US immigration laws. The Governor also pointed out the inherent lack of safety and vetting in these facilities where children are being placed.

Between now and 2024, Americans can expect the Biden White House to develop new reasons to aim at DeSantis and Florida in general.

The Biden Administration is enraged over the notion of Florida taking a stand and squarely rejecting the type of autocracy that Biden’s trying to spread across the United States.

Then, there’s the factor of DeSantis being widely floated as a possible GOP 2024 presidential candidate, something which would inherently pose a threat to Biden’s re-election ambitions.

When it comes to immigration, the Biden Administration has demonstrated its refusal to act or look into fundamental reforms that promote safety, along with law and order. For this reason, states must continue standing up to this corrupt regime.