Florida Governor Officially Puts Biden On Notice

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden have butted heads on multiple occasions.

Last year, Biden made numerous attempts to erode Americans’ freedoms ultimately. Biden used his presidential powers to try and shut people down, force COVID vaccines on folks, and threaten anyone who refused with loss of employment.

Governor DeSantis made it clear that he wouldn’t idly stand by and allow this to happen. Therefore, the Republican Governor of Florida worked with his state legislature to pass laws that would counteract moves to isolate people from a society based upon their vaccination status.

It led to Biden demanding DeSantis to “get out of the way.” The Florida Governor then shot back and stated that as long as Biden tries to implement tyranny, he’d be standing in Biden’s way.

Now, the Florida Governor is putting Biden on notice yet again, as TheBlaze reports.

One of the worst impacts of Biden’s leadership has been how he refuses to uphold America’s immigration laws. As hordes of illegal immigrants continue to pour into the United States, Biden’s been having them secretly flown across the country and then dropped in various states.

During the 2022’s Conservative Political Action Conference speech, DeSantis made it clear he wouldn’t stand for this. The Florida Governor directly warned that if Biden continues to have illegal immigrants resettled in Florida, they’ll be sent to Washington, DC, Delaware, and even Hollywood in California.

DeSantis also made it clear that he’s been directly working with the Florida state legislature to secure funding to make this happen. In additional remarks at this year’s CPAC, the governor also clarified that Florida would continue to stand for freedom over Faucism.

Thus far, neither Joe Biden nor the White House has responded to Florida’s Governor’s warning. It isn’t the first time that DeSantis has sent the White House a message. Judging from how poorly the Biden Administration is doing, it probably won’t be the last time either.

While Biden remains mum on the message from DeSantis about illegal immigration, the president is also significantly under fire for how poorly he’s handling geopolitical events in the world right now.

A huge reason why Russian President Putin felt comfortable enough to attack Ukraine is the weakness Biden has consistently shown on the world stage.

In another interesting twist, many Americans stated that DeSantis’ CPAC speech appeared almost presidential. Meanwhile, if DeSantis were to run for President in 2024, this would directly put him up against Biden, who already confirmed his plans to seek a second term.