Finland Says They Will Be A Russian Target If They Join NATO

On Thursday, The Finnish Security and Intelligence Service released a national security review indicating that Russia will likely target Finland for espionage if the country becomes a member of NATO.

The agency, abbreviated in Finnish as SUPO, said that the Ukraine War has presented grave difficulties to the Russians in terms of spying on the West.

“The main intelligence gathering approach traditionally applied by the Russian intelligence services is human intelligence under diplomatic cover,” SUPO said. “This has become substantially more difficult since Russia launched its war of aggression in Ukraine, as many Russian diplomats have been expelled from the West.”

As a result, Russian intelligence agencies are turning to foreigners who live in or visit the country, as well as Russians still living in the West.

SUPO also reported a growing threat of corporate espionage from Russia due to economic sanctions from the West. In order to replace imports, the report stated that Russia is working on a sophisticated manufacturing process, which “places a particular premium on data security in Finnish businesses.”

In May, both Finland and Sweden applied for membership in NATO. If admitted, Finland will have the longest land border with Russia of any European Union member. The border between Finland and Russia runs for 830 miles.

This week, Russia announced its next escalation in the invasion of Ukraine, with plans to annex more of Ukraine.

During a ceremony attended by President Vladimir Putin, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said four regions of Ukraine — Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia — would become part of Russia. Putin is expected to give a speech at the ceremony.