Fed-up Yankee Stadium Employee Takes Legal Action Against NYC Mayor

A fed-up Yankee Stadium employee is taking legal action against New York City Mayor Eric Adams, fighting back against the Democrat mayor’s hypocritical COVID tyranny.

Virginia Alleyne had been employed as a waitress at Yankee Stadium for 17 years until the medical tyranny imposed on New York City led to her being placed on unpaid leave for refusing to take the COVID vaccine on religious grounds.

Of course, Adams recently lifted part of that mandate — but only for athletes and performers, leaving behind the rest of his city’s workers and putting his hypocrisy on full display.

“Being healthy is not just about being physically healthy, but being economically healthy,” the mayor said at Citi Field last month while announcing the signing of his exemption order.

Adams’ hypocritical move to allow the wealthy and famous to earn a living while continuing to put his boot on the necks of average New Yorkers like herself was the final injustice for Alleyne, who is now taking action against the mayor by filing a lawsuit.

“For him to allow millionaires to work and to punish the workers who are the lifeblood of this city is just horrendous,” Alleyne explained while speaking with the New York Post.

The former Yankee Stadium waitress was invited on Glenn Beck’s program, “Glenn TV,” to tell her story. During the interview, Alleyne explained that she refused to get vaccinated for religious reasons, and had filed a religious exemption with her employers at Yankee Stadium. Unfortunately, her employers rejected that exemption, and refused to allow her to continue waitressing at the Legends Suite Club, where she held seniority.

“I’ve been working for the Yankees for 17 years, so it is atrocious,” she told Glenn. “I know Mayor Adams inherited the situation, but the first thing he should have done is repeal the mandates. Let’s get people back to work, let’s get the city back.”

Alleyne went on to describe New York City as “the wild wild West,” noting how unbelievably dangerous the city has become, especially with the increase in the homeless population, which she fears she may be on the brink of joining herself.

According to the former waitress, the main things keeping her spirit alive to fight back are her faith and her 15-year-old autistic son.

Alleyne also made sure to note that she isn’t just doing this for herself, she is doing it for others like her who have been pushed aside by the city.

“This is for the nurses, who are on the front line. The police, the firefighters, the stadium workers, the servers, the security guards. … I’m fighting for everyone who was fired unjustly for these draconian mandates,” she said.