Expert: Chinese Agents Flooding Across Open Southern Border

A distinguished China expert has an ominous warning for the United States and in particular those who remain concerned with national security. Agents from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army are entering the country through President Joe Biden’s wide-open southern border.

Gordon Chang, in an interview with Newsmax TV’s “America Right Now,” cited war correspondent Michael Yon’s reporting from the Darien Gap.

This is the dangerous and roadless crossing between Columbia and Panama that illegal migrants from the world over take towards the U.S. border.

Yon encountered Chinese males of military age mingled with the other illegals converging on the sector. These young men are “unaccompanied with families,” suggesting “either People’s Liberation Army or Ministry of State Security agents.”

And the numbers get more startling when the focus moves northward to illegal migrants on the U.S. southern border.

Data published by the Customs and Border Protection Agency of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) showed that already in 2023 there have been some 4,293 Chinese migrants apprehended at the border.

That shocking figure is more than double last year’s entire total. Just three months into 2023.

In the meantime, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas continues to spout the White House line that the border is “secure.” For good measure, he even touts the unbelievable narrative that there is no border “crisis.”

Chang’s admonition hardly ended with there being Chinese agents on U.S. soil. He predicted that when war breaks out in Asia — likely a Chinese invasion of Taiwan — it will also be fought in this country.

Agents already in place, he warned, will “turn off our lights, turn off the water, and these guys coming across the border are going to be detonating bombs and creating havoc.” In short, infiltrators pouring across the porous southern border will be armed and ready within our nation.

Chang noted that, due to China’s ongoing issues, most of those crossing into the U.S. are legitimate refugees. However, it is naive to believe there are no saboteurs within their numbers.

Any nation that will brazenly flout another’s domestic security by floating balloons high above their airspace will also take advantage of open borders. It is hardly a stretch to see Beijing putting its agents in place as this new cold war heats up daily.