Ex-FBI Lawyer Fired By Musk For Hunter Biden Laptop Suppression

More Twitter bombshells hit Twitter this weekend after independent journalist Matt Taibbi uncovered the original suppressor of the Hunter Biden laptop story and the second batch of the “Twitter Files.” Taibbi found evidence that ex-FBI lawyer James Baker vetted the information in the drop before the scheduled Friday release date. Upon the delay, Elon Musk found further proof of Baker’s role in the Hunter Biden laptop story and has since fired Baker from Twitter.

The New York Post reported the Hunter Biden laptop story in October 2020. Although the story was confirmed to be authentic, it was discredited and suppressed by media outlets. After the presidential election, other news outlets confirmed the story’s authenticity.

Miranda Devine of the New York Post spoke to Tucker Carlson about the suppression of the story.

Devine noted that the Twitter Files seemed to be missing elements about the Hunter Biden story. Still, the reporter said the New York Post just assumed either Musk redacted information about the FBI or someone else within the social media organization withheld the information without Musk’s knowledge.

The reporter said the news outlet knew the FBI had notified social media platforms of the story and warned the organizations to “expect a pile of Russian disinformation” that “would be in October and would probably refer to Hunter Biden.”

Twitter was always included in the FBI warning to social media platforms. So, when the Twitter files came out, it was apparent to the New York Post that there was one person still at the company with the biggest motive to continue the suppression.

According to Devine, James Baker was the top lawyer at the FBI, the head of the FBI-Russia collusion scandal, and Twitter’s top lawyer.

Baker joined Twitter after leaving the FBI in June 2020 — just in time for some good old-fashioned document vetting and speech suppression. “Lo and behold, he shows up on Twitter five months before the 2020 election, and lo and behold, one little element did come out in the Twitter Files Friday night,” Devine said.

The files Friday showed an email from Baker sent just a few hours after the New York Post published the Hunter Biden story on October 14, 2020.