Even CNN Is Nervous High Gas Prices Could Hurt Democrats In The Midterms

CNN reporter Stephen Collinson gave an analysis that he believes shows that another gas spike could hurt Democrats in the November elections.

OPEC+ announced they would be limiting oil production, which is another blow to the energy crisis in the U.S.

Collinson wrote, “The decrease in production is expected to drive up costs at the pump, which could hurt Democrats as the midterms get closer.”

“More pain at the pump would be a major blow to Democrats weeks from the midterm elections and bring President Joe Biden’s boasts about getting the price per gallon down from record highs in June back to haunt him,” he said.

Republicans are hoping for a red wave come November, and the struggling economy and gas price spikes could help them achieve that.

On October 5, OPEC announced that oil production would be cut by 2 million barrels daily. President Joe Biden said that in a supposed effort to help with the oil loss, he would have the Strategic Petroleum Reserve release 10 million more barrels in November.

Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline, which would have given the United States a source of energy during times like this. The president also has shut down any efforts to drill for oil on American soil.

“The White House already damaged its credibility on inflation, insisting multiple times over the last year that it was a temporary issue – even as the cost of grocery bills soared and the lived economic experience of many voters diverged from the more rosy descriptions of the economy coming from administration officials,” Collinson wrote.

As usual, Biden deflects blame by telling the public that the gas price rise is the “Putin price hike.” He has also blamed U.S. oil companies for not decreasing gasoline prices.

The CNN analysis suggests that the GOP can use Biden’s deflections to their advantage.

Instead of focusing on getting the U.S. back in order, Biden has been intent on meddling in foreign wars and stopping energy independence in his own country.