Elon Musk Expertly Trolls Bill Gates

Bill Gates has been having a rough time of it lately. First, in his personal life, he and his wife recently divorced. Melinda Gates wasted no time in going on a PR campaign distancing herself from Bill because of those pesky Epstein connections.

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly killed himself while awaiting trial in a New York jail for charges linked to his well-documented child trafficking organization. It was strange that he would do so given that the trial was pending, and there was a good chance a prior plea deal was going to result in having his current case dismissed. Also suspicious is that all the surveillance cameras were conveniently not working.

Many people believe Epstein did not kill himself simply because he was linked to many powerful people across the world, including Bill Gates. Gates met with Epstein even after he was convicted of child trafficking in his first case in order to try and raise funds for his various philanthropies.

Melinda Gates publicly has stated that this relationship contributed to the divorce. Things have deteriorated publicly for Bill Gates since then and has become somewhat of a pariah.

He recently approached Elon Musk to raise money for his environmental charities. Musk asked him a very simple question in response.

It does not make sense to bet against a company that is providing an alternative to fossil fuel cars. This just shows that it still comes down to the money for Gates. Now you can debate Tesla’s impact on curing climate change, but it is a little strange to ask for money from the owner of that company when you are hoping it fails so you can make more money.

Apparently, Gates was not happy with this result. Instead of giving it a rest Musk trolled him again.

Musk is in the middle of a contentious bid to buy Twitter so it is interesting that he would use the platform to troll Gates. Musk is an expert marketer along the lines of Richard Branson so there is probably a reason behind the tweet. Or maybe he just thought it was funny. Regardless, it was an epic troll against a man that is not winning any popularity contests anytime soon.