Election Of Italian Prime Minister Goes The “Difficult Direction” For Globalist Elites

Following Giorgia Meloni’s decisive victory in her bid for Prime Minister of Italy, Tucker Carlson accurately summarized why the American right is drawn to her pro-God, pro-family message.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host drew comparisons between the political leadership classes of America and Europe. Both “yammer on” about democratic values such as freedom of speech and representative government, yet act against those hallmarks of a free society.

According to Carlson, the ousted Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni’s “first message” to the Italian people was to “bring more social justice to the country.” This includes the attendant deference to globalist environmental policies, open borders and other leftist priorities.

Carlson mocked the previous prime minister for using open border policies to virtue-signal while condemning Italians who are against open borders. Gentiloni said that it was “wrong” and “dangerous” for the democratic process to result in stricter border policy.

Leftist priorities like climate change and open borders are unpopular with majorities across the world, says Carlson. The COVID-19 lockdowns were similarly unpopular. Yet these policies were and are enacted because, according to Carlson, politicians do not want democracy to prevail.

The best outcome of this unstable situation is peaceful rebellion which, Carlson says, is what has happened this week in Italy where conservative populist Giorgia Meloni has become prime minister. Carlson said that the left “panicked” following Meloni’s win because she refuses to “bow to the twin gods of climate and mass migration.”

Ursula von der Leyen, the leader of the European Union’s executive branch, said that if things “go in the difficult direction” in the Italian election, the E.U. has “tools” available. Carlson characterizes Leyen’s words as a threat, but a threat that Italians are willing to face rather than live under the neoliberalism that has, in Carlson’s words, “destroyed their country.”

Italy’s political establishment has weakened its energy and crime policies. Citing the war in Ukraine and “self-destructive climate policies,” Carlson reports that energy costs in some places in Italy are “up more than 400 percent” over last year. Crime increases are attributable to the recent surge in migration to Italy.

In contrast, Prime Minister Meloni is willing to point out the truth about how leftist policies on climate, immigration and other issues have weakened Italy.

Meloni and her coalition, called “Brothers of Italy,” won big on Sunday, taking the prime ministership and both houses of parliament.

Carlson highlighted part of a speech Meloni gave earlier this year, which he credits with her high levels of support. Meloni describes the barrage of attacks on Italian culture, education, national sovereignty and “the prosperity and wellbeing of our families.”

Meloni’s description contains clear echoes of the American culture war. Critically, Carlson says, Meloni’s unambiguous words against leftist ideology, delivered out in the open, is the key to her political success.