During His Remarks On Russian Oil, President Joe Biden Speaks The Most Shameful Lie

Cutting off Russian oil makes sense only if people are growing their output or have a source from someone who does not wish to harm them. But what kind of sense does it make to cut it off and then purchase from Iran, which wants them dead or prop up Venezuela’s government? The Biden administration is thinking about buying oil from areas like Venezuela and Iran, but they aren’t doing much to expand their output.

On his first day in office, Joe Biden halted the Keystone XL project, laid-off workers and prohibited any new leases from drilling on public lands. It is a heinous untruth that contradicts all facts. Throughout his campaign, he endangered US energy, such as when he claimed to phase out fossil fuels.

Moreover, Joe Biden and his staff have been adopting a new argument to indicate that it is not them cutting back on energy that firms have 9,000 federal drilling leases. Thus, it is somehow their problem. It is insane, much as his claim that those vehicles are more expensive and account for one-third of the cause of inflation.

According to an oil and gas analyst report, the Biden administration has a “basic misunderstanding” of how the oil and gas leasing process works. “Just because you have a lease doesn’t guarantee there’s oil or gas in that property,” he explains. He believes that the government should back measures that favor US oil output over OPEC+, including Russian oil.

According to Joe Biden, if the United States reduces its purchases of Russian oil without expanding domestic production, the market price rises and everything here becomes more costly. He isn’t even talking to American energy companies while attempting to use them as a scapegoat. If he believed they could produce oil, wouldn’t his first impulse be to approach them rather than Iran?

Therefore, Joe Biden was correct to raise his purchases of Russian oil while running for president. Still, he is incorrect to do so now because the left and their anti-energy agenda control him, harming national security. It will be highly destructive and will affect a large number of Americans.