‘Dump Biden’ Becomes National Outcry

The clamor for President Joe Biden to step aside for 2024 is now deafening. Shocking numbers from a New York Times/Siena College poll reveal 64% of Democratic voters want a different candidate to head their next presidential ticket.

A miniscule 13% of American voters believe the country is going in the right direction. A historically low approval rating sank to 33%. Among Black voters, 29% disapprove of his job performance — an almost irrational number.

Biden may not have reached the bottom yet. And the most startling revelation of the new survey is almost unfathomable. Of Democrats below 30 years old, 94% want a different candidate.

Even more telling, the Times reported this. When your biggest fans turn on you, it’s time to do some soul searching.

As the Times notes, the phenomenon crosses age groups, racial groups, demographics, and geography. From sea to shining sea, the U.S. has had enough of the Democrat who reached the White House on promises to “unify” the nation.

So, how’s that much-ballyhooed healing going?

One factor that gets more attention as the summer rolls on is Biden’s age. The Democrat, with over two years to go in his first term, is already the oldest U.S. president in history at 79. This was the number one factor listed by respondents with 33%.

And he keeps confirming that he will run again. When NATO leaders gather, take note of the faces leading their nations.

Just behind at 32% came “job performance.” And when the poll tallied specific issues, 35% cited the economy or cost of living, which is another way of saying “the economy.”

Abortion drew only 5% of the top concern and the Supreme Court 1%.

Comparisons to presidents well back into the mid-20th century paint a gloomy picture for Democrats, as Biden’s ratings for this point in his administration make nearly every other commander-in-chief, including Nixon and Carter, look like rock stars.

Democrats have a serious problem on their hands, and that’s not counting historic inflation levels, the border crisis, SCOTUS controversies and violent crime. Their point man is one that nearly the entire nation wishes would ride into the sunset, not lead the U.S. for six more years.