Donald Trump Slams The January 6 Committee

The January 6 committee has brought a laundry list of accusations against former President Trump. To this very day, the body is adamant that Trump intentionally tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election, was aware that Joe Biden won, and egged on riots at the Capitol.

Meanwhile, the January 6 committee has been accused of using its power to politically damage Trump and other conservatives, rather than running a clean investigation.

It doesn’t help that the only two Republicans on the committee are ones with track records of voting against the GOP and regularly angering the party’s base.

Now, after much heat from the January 6 committee, Trump is firing back with some concerns of his own.

The Latest From Trump on the January 6 Committee
This past Thursday, the former president sounded off against the committee via Truth Social. Trump stated the body is intentionally turning a blind eye to a series of irregularities and frauds that were discovered during the last election.

On top of this, Trump also said the January 6 committee is afraid to “go there” and instead wants to shut down all talk of election fraud altogether.

The former president then claimed that were the committee to lay bare the facts about what really happened during the last election, they wouldn’t be able to deny all of the proof before them.

Later, the January 6 committee’s reliance upon a teleprompter was mentioned as well. Trump stated it was a disgrace for the body’s members to rely on a teleprompter to make statements. It also didn’t sit well with Trump that the committee isn’t allowing for any cross-examinations of witnesses who are brought forward.

Persistent Anti-Trump Accusations
Some of the latest assertions from the January 6 committee accuse the former president of trying to bully officials into rejecting votes and then punishing those who refused.

Likewise, the body is not acknowledging sworn affidavits alleging fraud or additional pieces of evidence that point to foul play in the 2020 presidential election.

Considering the current direction the January 6 committee is on, there’s a strong likelihood of Trump sharing more of his thoughts about these hearings and what they mean for America.