Dick Morris Discusses Trump Campaign 2024: Will Focus on Hispanics, Early Voting

Speaking on Newsmax’s “American Agenda,” political consultant Dick Morris stated that former President Donald Trump will be focusing his 2024 presidential campaign on gaining the Hispanic vote, and securing early voting like the Democrats did in 2020.

During his Saturday interview, Morris — the author of the new book, “The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback” — discussed how the former president will be courting the Hispanic vote.

“One of the groups that we’re particularly aiming at are Hispanics,” Morris said.

“Trump actually carries the Hispanic vote in the polling that we’re doing now, carries it, wins it having lost it 60-40 in the last election. But Hispanics are patriots, and they came here because they wanted to be here. And they saw that this country was going to hell the same way the countries they fled had gone to hell,” he continued.

“They knew this was their last stop on the search for freedom and opportunity, so they’re determined not to let this country go the way of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua and the other countries that they fled — and that’s a key element,” Morris added. “We flip the Latinos from being a core Democratic constituency to being a core Republican constituency, that’s huge. And only Donald Trump can do that.”

“He’s the one that brought them; he’s the one that’s articulated the patriotism. And this fantasy that other candidates can do it is absurd,” he asserted.

Speaking with Newsmax earlier this week, Morris claimed that Trump would run for reelection, though the former president has not yet officially announced his candidacy. Believing that Trump has made his decision to run, Morris went on to discuss his new campaign strategy.

“This is an entirely new electorate,” the political consultant said. “The turnout has increased by 50% since 2000 even though the population has gone up by 20. They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for new voters. So you’re getting voters who are apathetic, uninformed, uninterested, don’t give a damn, generally don’t vote.”

“But if you bring the ballot to their door and lend them a pen and you give them a paper and you ask for photo ID, they’ll vote,” Morris added. “And that’s the way the Democratic Party got 15 million more votes in this election than in the last one. Republicans worked like crazy to get out and motivate informed, intelligent voters. And we got 11 million more, but they got 15 million more of the uninformed, apathetic voters… We are going to get every one of our couch potatoes to vote. Instead of protesting early voting, we will win it every single day. We will change our whole focus from only working on Election Day to working throughout September and October to win that vote each day.”

There’s just one problem that none of the Republicans or consultants seem to address: bringing the ballot to the voters’ door and encouraging them to vote was simple for Democrats — their voters are concentrated in large cities. It’s as simple as walking from apartment building to apartment building, and knocking on each door that is only ten feet from the next one.

Republicans, on the other hand, are more likely to live in rural areas, where the homes are miles apart, and even behind gates and a significant number of “no trespassing” signs. Going door to door to get Republican votes will be a lot more complicated than Morris and the GOP claim that it will be, and they will likely have to rely on individuals within each community to get the job done, rather than campaign staffers as the Democrats did.

Morris went on to assert that getting voters back to supporting Trump will be easy due to his previous experience as president.

“Donald Trump is a hybrid, like a Toyota car,” he said.

“He is half incumbent and half challenger,” Morris added. “And in that role as a challenger, he’ll go against Biden and the Democrats and explain all their failures.”

“But then when they come back at him and say, ‘How do we know you’ll do any better?’ he can come back as the half incumbent and say, ‘I did. I did better on all these things. The border was secure, crime was low, there was no inflation, and the Russians didn’t invade Europe. They were intimidated. And that’s how it’ll be again.’ Trump is the only guy who can say that,” he continued.