Department Of Defense Equity Chief Wrote Anti-White Social Media Posts

The Department of Defense’s chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer for its education wing wrote several derogatory posts about White people on Twitter.

Kelisa Wing is the head of the DOD Education Activity (DoDEA) and has identified herself as a “woke administrator.” Prior to her position with the DOD, she called out “White nonsense” on social media.

A series of shocking tweets from Wing include her proclaiming to be “exhausted at these White ‘folx’ in these PD sessions.” She proclaimed that one lady had the “CAUdacity” to state that Black people can also be racist.”

“Caudacity” is apparently a new word that combines “Caucasian” and “audacity.”

Wing tweeted that she had to “stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS.” She informed the misguided commenter that “we are not the majority, we don’t have power.”

In a separate post, Wing responded to another user who said they were “exhausted by 99% of the White men and 95% of the White women.” Her response was “If another Karen tells me about her feelings…I might lose it.”

Wing oversees curriculum at DoDEA and has co-created several children’s books arguing that White people should confess their privilege. The books claim that Whites are hurting Black people by accepting their unearned privileges.

One of her books, “Overcoming White Privilege,” was removed from the school libraries of a Florida district along with several other titles by radical leftists. This word came from a nonprofit that records books taken off of school shelves.

The book referenced an article by Peggy McIntosh that bemoaned that White children are not taught in schools that they are oppressors. They are also unaware that they are a “participant in a damaged culture” and live with unearned advantages.

These are hardly attitudes that should be held by a Department of Defense employee in charge of diversity, equity, and inclusion. But then again, in this Biden administration that values woke administration over actual results, perhaps Wing’s mindset is exactly what should be expected.