Democrats Lost Virginia Because Of AOC

As Democrats commiserate over their entirely predictable loss of the governor’s office to Republicans in what should be a relatively safe stronghold for prominent government politicians, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) offered a wild, self-serving theory over the week for Terry McAuliffe’s defeat by Glenn Youngkin.

AOC says Democrats lost because McAuliffe was “trying to run a full 100 percent super-moderated campaign.” Let’s say her colleagues from districts with voters more representative of the American public should not take the New York Democrat’s bloviating as actual political advice.

For politicians representing groups of people who aren’t just all carbon copies of the same guy that laughs at Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes because they are at the expense of a Republican, not because they’re funny jokes advice like AOC’s would be a poison pill to the reelection prospects of delegates from swing states.

Ocasio-Cortez, the most overrated politician in the history of America, says Virginians picked Youngkin because McAuliffe’s campaign sent out a message that “does not excite, speak to or energize a progressive base.” 

Well, CNN also wishes that were true like Ocasio-Cortez. Still, CNN’s 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election exit polling data tells a different story what happened in Virginia on Tuesday: “Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin notably improved the GOP’s standing with younger voters, moderates, independents and White women since the last gubernatorial election in 2017.”

So the winning strategy in the Commonwealth of Virginia this election was capturing the hearts of younger voters, moderates, independents, and Karens with a unifying message that isn’t too crazy. What people want right now in these God-awful crazy times is something reasonable, and benevolent, and routine. 

Here is how drastically Republicans closed the gap among younger voters in Tuesday’s election over the 2017 gubernatorial election. If McAuliffe lost young voters because he wasn’t progressive enough, then how does AOC think Youngkin picked them up at the ballot? Handing out Viva la Che! Bumper stickers?

Virginia governor-elect Glenn Youngkin also picked up some percentage points among moderates and independents over the Republican candidate’s take in 2017. That would be the exact opposite of the strategy that AOC has proposed to her colleagues in the Democratic Party. She is blatantly stating an opinion with no facts to back it up, and her mentally and morally degenerate boosters on social media will not check to see if what she’s saying is true or not. 

Because the college-educated, woke crowd that votes Blue nowadays doesn’t even believe in truth. Here’s what they teach students at university today: That truth doesn’t exist. It is an invention of white men to dominate and control (this is what they have been teaching college students for decades now) all the other five races and ten thousand genders. 

Now I don’t know what they would answer if you asked a socialist justice warrior what they are saying is true if there is no such thing as truth. They refuse debate after debate with conservative luminaries like Jordan B. Peterson and pretty good debaters like Ben Shapiro. Because they would look stupid and because they are trying very hard to be stupid. Like their college professors, they got paid a nice lick out of your paycheck to teach them.

Democrats lost Virginia because Americans are growing wise to the nature of the socialist conspiracy the universities have been cooking up for decades and are now busy foisting on us with all their might. They also lost because AOC knocked out a ranking U.S. House Democrat in his primary in 2018. Youngkin was better looking than McAuliffe and wore bolder colors on the debate stage, and a sizeable percentage of voters are that stupid.