Democrats Show Their Hypocrisy on Protection For Government Officials

In the past several weeks, the danger against justices who serve on the United States Supreme Court has increased exponentially. Following the leak of a draft that showed justices preparing to overturn Roe v. Wade, radical demonstrators came out in full force.

Pro-abortion protesters took it upon themselves to publicize the addresses of Supreme Court justices. From here, demonstrations have taken place outside of these officials’ homes on an ongoing basis.

Earlier this month, a man from California was apprehended outside of the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This individual showed up with weapons, zip ties, and other materials that would enable him to harm the justice.

Even after the man admitted he had every intention of taking Kavanaugh’s life, Democrats still stood against legislation that would increase protection levels for Supreme Court justices.

However, these same lawmakers voted very differently when it came to their own protection levels in the aftermath of January 6, 2021.

Massive Double Standards
Nearly two dozen Democrats who voted against extra protection for Supreme Court justices, of course, have a line of reasoning they’re using to explain it all away.

According to lawmakers, the “no” votes boil down to proposed protections not extending to all federal judges, Supreme Court justices’ staffers, and their families.

However, after the Capitol riot last January, Democrats did their utmost to ensure they were safeguarded as much as possible. Many of the officials who have since opposed heightened security for Supreme Court justices voted in favor of their own personal security increases.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even received a letter from Democrats that demanded more Members’ Representation Allowances (MRAs) in order to cover security expenses. Pelosi, however, did one better.

The House Speaker determined the burden of security costs shouldn’t rely on lawmakers to go into their MRAs. Therefore, Pelosi and other House Democrats passed an appropriations bill that heightened their own protection levels.

Continued Dangers to Supreme Court Justices
To this day, demonstrations outside of Supreme Court justices’ homes are still underway. Pro-abortion protesters haven’t at all been deterred by the fact that someone showed up outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s home with weapons and the intent to end his life.

At this point, there’s no telling whether repeated attempts will be made on the life of Kavanaugh or other justices who oppose abortion. These are increasingly dangerous times to be living in.