Democrats ‘Reaping’ The Consequences Of Being ‘Soft On Crime’

More and more Americans see the steep consequences of various policies put in place by leaders. In red states, job growth, business growth, and mass migration are positive results of conservative leadership.

Meanwhile, mass departures, low employment rates, and crime epidemics are genuine issues in Democrat-run states. It all traces back to the decisions of leaders.

In 2020, the Democrat Party decided to go all-in with anti-police, pro-criminal policies. They started opening jails, defunding police departments, advocating against cash bail, and giving slaps on the wrists to severe offenders.

Democrats in cities like Manhattan are shocked that being soft on crime has engendered more lawlessness. According to the National Review, this crime has a ripple effect on leftist communities.

Days ago, left-wing actor Michael Rapaport made national headlines. It came after Rapaport videotaped his shock at brazen shoplifting happening in broad daylight.

The actor explained that shoplifting has gotten so bad that many Rite Aids are simply closing their stores altogether. Rapaport also recorded his observation of a shoplifter stealing right before the eyes of store security guards.

In Manhattan, store employees aren’t allowed to intervene with shoplifters or security guards. Therefore, this has created a situation where some folks have no worries about simply grabbing items from store shelves and then walking out the door.

The crisis in Manhattan is made worse because District Attorney Alvin Bragg isn’t taking any real action against shoplifters who are not physically violent. In effect, this has sent a message that stealing from businesses is okay.

Rapaport’s viral social media video expressed outrage over the shoplifting but no outrage over the leaders who allowed this to happen. The Hollywood actor didn’t find any time to condemn the Manhattan district attorney who won’t take serious action against shoplifters.

As long as Democrats remain in power, these results of soft on crime policies will continue. New York is an intensely blue state that remains committed to voting for Democrats, regardless of how poorly they perform in leadership roles.

For this reason, no one in Manhattan should hold their breath, waiting for crime to disappear. More businesses may close and relocate to communities in red states that value law and order.