Democrats Forced To Contend With Another ‘Brutal Week’

2022 is not shaping out to be a perfect year for Democrats. Last month, Democrats endured a series of political defeats, notably the legal dismantling of coronavirus vaccine mandates for large establishments and federal government workers.

Likewise, leftists have been forced to contend with a President making their party look worse and worse each day. Democrats are so secretly embarrassed by Biden that they’re avoiding him when he visits their states and saying they don’t need his support in their campaigns.

Although it’s just getting started, this month hasn’t been much better for Democrats either. Breaking news from PJ Media provides insight into just how poorly this past week was for leftists.

This past week, Susan Sarandon was forced to apologize after disparaging remarks about law enforcement members gathering in New York to honor a fallen officer. This gathering upset Sarandon, causing her to declare law enforcement officers “aren’t needed.”

It’s worth noting the actress’ remarks come on the heels of Democrats still trying to shake off the “defund the police” campaign they assembled back in 2020.

It is far from the worst of Democrats’ problems, though. Last week, Biden also took it upon himself to visit New York City. The President’s time in the Empire State was supposed to come as part of his work to tackle crime. Yet, all Biden did was expose his ignorance about firearms and the Second Amendment.

In addition to declaring the amendments listed in the United States Constitution are not “absolute,” Biden also made it a point to claim that Glock handguns are “weapons of war” with 40 round magazines.

Between other blunders from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, this past week has only further demonstrated what horrible shape the Democrat Party is in.

At this point, Democrats are on a collision course. In November, the crash will arrive when leftist congressional candidates get booted out of office in historic numbers.
Since holding the majority in the House and Senate, Democrats have repeatedly ignored and disrespected Americans. Leftists put their power grabs and political agendas ahead of what is best for the nation. Democrats do this frequently. They wonder why their poll numbers are in the garbage.

At this rate, there’s no telling how much more the Democrat Party will crumble between now and November.