Democrats Eye Senate Seat In Iowa While Grassley Dithers About Running

The Republican Senator of Iowa Chuck Grassley has retained his seat for the past seven terms, and he has yet to decide if he will be running for the 8th term. Both the Democrats and Republicans are awaiting his response and hoping that he makes up his mind sooner.

The Democrats will need to appoint a contestant for the seat if Grassley decides to leave, which won’t leave the Republicans in a perfect position as 5 of their incumbents are already retiring, which endangers their chances to the seat. The potential Democratic candidate at present is the former Representative Abby Finkenauer and a few others waiting in line for a shot.

Grassley choosing to run again would ensure another victory for the Republicans. His record shows more than 60% votes in his favor during his previous terms, eliminating any chance for a challenger to win. With five incumbents retiring, the opportunities for the Senate takeover will reduce for the Republicans if Grassley chooses not to run.

The chances for Grassley not seeking re-election seem fairly grim as he flew down to Naples to accompany the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), Senator Rick Scott, who, in his own words, has stated that he has been bugging him to run for another term. Flying all the way to accompany Scott in a fundraiser, having raised $2.5 million, enough to fund an entire campaign, all points towards his intentions to run for re-election.

A comparison was made of the campaign funds of the potential Democratic candidate Finkenauer and Grassley, which pointed fingers at Finkenauer, being declared a failed candidate due to the drastic difference in funds. Perhaps Grassley’s competitive nature might give in, and he may end up running for another term after all.

Lowa has been the Republicans winning ground for quite some time now, and with Trump in the White House, it leads to the victory of other Republican members.