Democrats EscalateTheir Attacks On Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Democrat Party has consistently shown that it views America First conservatives as a serious threat. This explains the relentless attacks that former President Trump has been subjected to since the moment he announced his candidacy in the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats also continue to target active members of Congress who support Trump and his America First policies. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a prime example of this.

In late August, Greene was twice swatted. False calls that sent officers intruding into her home followed after the Georgia congresswoman sponsored legislation to prevent gender reassignment surgeries from being performed on minors.

Now, the attacks on Greene continue, this time from outside her congressional office.

Top Democratic Staffer Gets Caught
Until very recently, Tim Hysom worked as the chief of staff for Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA). However, trouble arose for Hysom after he was caught vandalizing posters directly outside of Greene’s congressional office.

The Georgia Republican and her team caught the Democratic aide doing this on camera. An arrest warrant was eventually put out for Hysom by Capitol Police. However, authorities in the nation’s capital ultimately refused to hold Hysom accountable for his crimes.

Instead, he is resigning from his job with Auchincloss and going to work for another lawmaker. In announcing the departure of his chief of staff, Auchincloss wished Hysom well going forward and thanked him for the service he provided for nearly one year.

Double Standards
Hysom’s actions are not the first time that leftists have managed to go after conservatives with little to no consequences. However, the now-former chief of staff’s ability to get off easy by simply going to work for another congressional office has raised questions.

Specifically, some Americans have questioned if Hysom would have faced legal problems had he been a Republican defacing signs outside as the office of a Democratic lawmaker. This is a callback to the various ways in which leftists vs. conservatives are treated when engaging in wrongdoing.

To this day, many inquiring minds would love to know why the authorities in Washington DC declined to go after Hysom, despite Capitol Police issuing an arrest warrant.

In the meantime, Greene has been clear that she won’t let any attacks from Democrats slow her down in the slightest.