Democrats Covering for Another Biden Catastrophe

Responding to comments from President Joe Biden on refusing to send rocket systems to Ukraine that are capable of reaching Russia, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) claimed that Biden’s statement “was an off-handed remark” and “we’ll have to see what the policy is. I’m not sure about the president’s specific remark in answer to that question this morning.”

A reporter recently asked the president if he was planning on sending “long-range rocket systems” as part of U.S. aid to Ukraine. Biden responded to the question with a clear answer.

“We’re not going to send to Ukraine rocket systems that can strike into Russia,” the president said.

During an interview on MSNBC on Tuesday, Smith attempted to walk back Biden’s comments. Apparently, the Democrat congressman was bold enough to assume that, since the White House often walks back statements that the president makes, he could do the same.

After the MSNBC host played a clip of the exchange with Biden, Smith stated: “I think it was an off-hand remark. I think that the question can be interpreted in two ways. We certainly do not support Ukraine targeting Russia, but when you’re talking about artillery shells or missiles, Ukraine is right on the border with Russia, any artillery shell or missile that we send them could target Russia.”

“Ones of longer range could obviously target it from further away, but the importance of the longer-range missiles is not to attack Russia,” he continued. “It’s that the Russians are attacking, as you know, all across Ukraine. Certainly, the fighting right now is focused in the east, to some degree in the south. But they have launched attacks as far away as Lviv, certainly in Kyiv, and elsewhere. So, if the Ukrainians have longer-range missiles, they can better defend against those attacks.”

“So, we’ll have to see what the policy is,” Smith added. “I’m not sure about the president’s specific remark in answer to that question this morning. It’s a more complicated question than that question implied.”

As the Biden administration continues to get the U.S. more and more involved in the Russia-Ukraine war, the actual threat to the U.S. grows. The idea of sending weapons that could actually strike back into Russia is just dangerous, and could be seen by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a direct act of aggression.

While Biden made it clear in his answer to the reporter that the U.S. would not be sending these weapons, the fact that Smith was comfortable trying to walk back the president’s comments and insinuating that the opposite could be true is honestly frightening.