Democrats Continue Their ‘Dog And Pony Show’ On Voting Rights

Democrats led by Joe Manchin have developed a “compromise” voting rights measure in the hopes of persuading some Republicans. While the amended “For the People Act” eliminates some of the most terrible elements, it keeps others, such as Congress’ authority, to override state election integrity regulations. For all Senate Republicans, this is a no-go.

Moreover, Manchin campaigned for a nationwide voter identification requirement, but it was eliminated from the final bill draught. In short, this so-called “compromise” measure does little to safeguard voting integrity and extends federal authority over local elections. According to the Washington Post, the For the People Act passed the House this year but was stalled in the Senate in June by a Republican blockade. These include establishing national minimum standards for early voting and mail-in voting, designating Election Day as a national holiday, and compelling “dark money” organizations to disclose their donors.

Given what left-wing activists have done in the past, donor confidentiality is more important than ever. Transparency is a code word for inviting violent protestors to raid GOP contributors’ homes. It’s a gangster and thugs’ strategy that can’t take root. For instance, States will have the option of using independent commissioners to establish congressional district boundaries. It establishes government standards for mapmaking and empowers courts to enforce them.

The new measure would retain Congress’ authority to overrule so-called “election subversion” rules, which Democrats fear may be used to target local election officials by GOP activists. It is a strawman argument against voter integrity, yet it would shield local election workers from punishment. Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, made it quite apparent that this dog and pony show about voting rights is intended to make the GOP look bad.

However, Democrats claim their commitment to “respecting the role of states and fostering more faith in our democracy,” they disregard local election laws set by legal majorities in several states. It is a transparent attempt to persuade Washington to overrule Republican-led state laws. Their obsession with voting rights is unconstitutional.