Democrats Can’t Escape The “Defund The Police” Movement

The Democrat Party’s decision to throw support behind the better part of the “Defund the Police” movement back in 2020 and 2021 has now backfired in multiple aspects.

Democrats are now regarded as at fault for the crime surges occurring across the country. Likewise, at this point, it is an indisputable fact that defunding various police departments led to crime rates soaring.

Even in light of this, the Democrat Party still hasn’t completely figured out that defunding the police is a destructive and horrible policy. Some Democrats in Congress are still urging police departments to lose funding to this very day.

Meanwhile, as the left dukes this out amongst themselves, everyday Americans suffer due to law enforcement losing funding. According to Newsmax, this is something that South Carolina GOP Sen. Tim Scott pointed out.

When Sen. Scott spoke with Fox News over the weekend, he talked about Democrats’ refusal to pay attention to the interests of everyday people in the United States.

The Republican lawmaker pointed out that despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disavowing the movement to defund law enforcement, it’s still caused immense harm.

“Defund the Police” created a nightmare where fewer police officers are safe, fewer police officers have confidence in the job, and actual hostilities towards law enforcement.

Later, the South Carolina Republican explained that instead of police being defunded, law enforcement needs to receive better equipment, more training, more resources, etc. Sen. Scott also made it clear that a crucial part of police reform must entail the protection of qualified immunity.

Qualified immunity is something that Republicans and Democrats continue to butt heads over. Congressional talks about bipartisan police reform ultimately failed because Democrats insisted on abolishing qualified immunity for law enforcement officers.

At this point, America has had a test run of what will happen when police officers lose funding. The results of this test run have been more crime, less law enforcement, and more innocent people losing their lives.

It couldn’t be more precise at this time that Democrats are still debating whether or not law enforcement should be funded or defunded. Meanwhile, the rest of the country has to be committed to electing leaders to prioritize public safety.

It means voting out any leader who would support defunding the police and replacing them with leaders who value law enforcement. The time to do this will arrive in November during the congressional midterm elections.