Democrats ‘Bring The Fight’ Against Governor Youngkin Of Virginia

This past Saturday marked the inauguration of Governor Glenn Youngkin in the commonwealth of Virginia. Youngkin’s win and subsequent swearing-in ceremony were a major blow to Democrats.

During the Virginia gubernatorial election of 2021, Democrats pulled out every card possible to keep the state under left-wing control. They got all their top officials out on the field (from Barack Obama to Kamala Harris and Joe Biden) to campaign for the election of Terry McAuliffe.

However, Youngkin succeeded in truly reaching the hearts of voters and connecting with them on the issues that truly matter. How, with the 74th Virginia governor in office, Democrats are already trying to give him a hard time, as TheBlaze reports.

When Governor Youngkin officially assumed office, one of his first orders of business was to grant Virginia parents the freedom to opt their children out of school mask mandates if they so choose.

It truly infuriated the Democrat Party. After all, the leftist viewpoint states that the state should force children to wear face coverings all day, and their parents shouldn’t say.

Therefore, several school districts across the commonwealth of Virginia announced their decisions to keep their mask mandates in place for children.

In response to this, Governor Youngkin told Fox News that he’d use the powers available to him to safeguard parents’ rights. The Republican governor then reiterated that an opt-out exists for the parents who disagree with their kids wearing masks all day long.

In a nutshell, this issue is far from over. If Democrats believe they’ve gotten the last laugh, they should think again.

There’s a reason why Virginia elected Youngkin as their governor. There’s also a reason why some of the commonwealth’s residents who supported Biden over Trump in 2020 also voted for Youngkin.

The reason boils down to the reality that Republican governors in the United States are the last lines of defense against tyranny. Governor Youngkin is one example. Other influential Republican governors standing against authoritarianism are Ron DeSantis of Florida, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Greg Abbott of Texas, etc.

Later this year, the nation will have more governor’s races coming up. These races will together determine the trajectory for the country as a whole.

In light of Democrats controlling the federal government and implementing tyranny nationwide, we all need Republican governors to use their authority and hold the line for freedom.