Democrats Aren’t Fooling Anyone With ‘Sudden Attitude Change’ On COVID

For the past two years, Democrats have been the party of outright despotism regarding COVID. The left has been the leading advocates, drivers, and enforcers of mask mandates, lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and the like.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Democrats have never come across a single mandate that they believed was a step too far. America isn’t living under a system mirroring communist China because of Republican Governors, other conservative leaders, and brave patriots taking a stand against autocratic restrictions.

With America’s midterm elections being nine months away, Democrats now see they’re on a path to losing. Suddenly, all these blue states and Democrat governors are rolling back mandates. However, as The Federalist covers, everyone sees through this act.

Despite all the face coverings, COVID vaccines, COVID booster shots, social distancing, and any other restriction you can think of, virus cases are still rising. Getting vaccinated doesn’t stop the infection or transmission of COVID either. Even the CDC has gone on record to admit this.

However, Democrats from CNN’s Leana Wen to leftist governors in New Jersey, Illinois, California, and other states are suddenly rolling back mandates in one way or another.

Please make no mistake, the Democrats are doing this only to blunt the damage coming against them in the midterms. The left sees rising dissent against mandates. They understand that more people, now than ever, are eager to get back to their lives and have had it when it comes to this virus.

Of course, leftists like Leana Wen would love nothing more for the nation to believe this about-face from Democrats is about a “change” in “the science.” It is a lie. The only science that changed is leftist political science ahead of multiple congressional races.

The Democrats must be held responsible for what they’ve done to America at the ballot box. They have to answer for shutting people’s businesses down and pushing mandates that have done absolutely nothing.

The past two years have likewise shown when Democrats have access to power and know zero bounds or limits. Americans aren’t going to forget the many ways that Democrats’ COVID policies hurt their lives.

No matter how much the left tries to switch things up now, they should prepare for an epic red wave in November. It is beyond overdue.