Democrats Are Running Bogus News Sites Ahead Of Midterms

With the midterm elections being less than one month away, the likelihood of Republicans taking back both chambers is only growing.

For starters, GOP candidates are steadily taking the lead in battleground states that will determine the outcome of Senate elections. This comes on top of Republicans who are doing well in districts that were previously seen as purple or reliably Democratic.

The Democrat Party widely banked on abortion and the demise of Roe v. Wade to help them win the November elections. Though growing problems with inflation and crime are overshadowing the abortion debate in the eyes of many voters.

In one last attempt to avoid defeat, it’s come out that Democrats are now pushing bogus news websites designed to help left-wing candidates.

The Last Hurrah?
These left-wing phony websites are being intentionally directed towards Americans in key battleground states. While the names of these sites sound often innocuous and non-partisan, the content is anything but.

Republican candidates are trashed and vilified on these sites. Democratic candidates and policies are conversely promoted. These sites, while pushing for leftists, often use the guise of local news coverage to appear more legitimate.

Writers with the left-wing American Independent frequently contribute content to the sites being distributed within swing states. Meanwhile, the media company that owns these bogus platforms is also believed to have ties to allies of Hillary Clinton.

Ironically, Democrats pushing these bogus news sites are the same ones who frequently warn about the danger that “misinformation” poses to democracy.

Not Good Enough
Despite the efforts of American Independent (and Democrats who want to win their elections), people across the nation are still confronted with the harm of left-wing leadership.

Meanwhile, Democrats vying for these House and Senate elections have been clear that they’ll continue doubling down on failed policies if they get into power.

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman has a longstanding history of advocating for violent offenders to be released from jail. Wisconsin Democrat Mandela Barnes also has a poor track record of crime, including his support for defunding the police.

At the end of the day, voters will have to go to the polls next month and decide whether or not they want the status quo to continue. All things considered, it appears that most Americans will be voting for a change of congressional leadership.