Democrats Are Lying About “Disinformation” in America

The word “disinformation” is frequently used by Democrats and unfortunately has lost its true meaning.

When Democrats call something “disinformation,” they aren’t genuinely referring to false statements that are intended to deceive folks. What Democrats really mean by “disinformation” are facts or viewpoints that don’t align with left-wing perspectives, narratives, or agendas.

Under the false umbrella of supposedly fighting “disinformation,” Democrats are constantly rallying for anything they don’t like to be censored and pulled down from the internet earlier this year.

Leftist tried to do this with podcast host Joe Rogan a few months back. Now, they’re expanding these efforts to social media as a whole, according to Red State.

The Dangerous Agenda of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

During a speech at Stanford about so-called disinformation, former President Obama declared that social media, television, and the internet are “tools” that can ultimately be “remade.”

Of course, when Democrats talk about “remaking” tools like social media, they want to “remake” these things in a way that only puts out what leftism agrees with. Democrats aren’t interested in dissent or any sort of open debate or dialogue with different viewpoints.

This was made more than clear by some remarks that twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shared about “disinformation.”

In a tweet, Clinton accused big tech companies of promoting “extremism” and disinformation without any sort of responsibility. After declaring the EU wants to put in place changes to stop this, Clinton endorsed the spread of “global democracy.”

Like “disinformation,” when Democrats reference “democracy,” they aren’t really speaking of true democracy. They’re actually calling for a one-party, left-wing rule where no one else gets a say.

This is why Democrats become so enraged at the slightest piece of content that differs from their narratives.

Disinformation vs. Differences in Opinion

There’s a very real contrast between someone intentionally putting out wrong details to con people, as opposed to someone sharing an opinion that one doesn’t agree with or facts that don’t support a given narrative.

Ironically, as Democrats label any and everything they don’t agree with as “disinformation,” they are actually the true spreaders of disinformation. Trying to shut down speech and censor social media platforms are tactics that only very desperate individuals would use.

If Democrats were confident in themselves and their viewpoints, they would have no problem debating Republicans, conservatives, or anyone else who challenges them.

The left-wing’s interest in controlling speech and the spread of information shows just how fragile their perspectives and policies truly are.