Democrats are Getting Sneakier with Their Anti-Gun Agendas

In 2022, there’s not really much uncertainty left regarding where Democrats stand on the Second Amendment.

Across the nation, Democratic officials have pulled out a series of stops to make gun ownership harder, more difficult, and eventually impossible.

In Cook County, Illinois, Democrats tried to place a tax on ammunition; yet, this measure was eventually removed by the Illinois Supreme Court.

In the wake of the Sacramento shooting earlier this month, Biden called for more gun control. This call comes in spite of California being one of the least gun-friendly states in America.

Democrats, by and large, have made it clear they want gun rights eliminated and the Second Amendment thrown into the garbage bin. Although, lately, the political left is getting sneakier with strategies to make this happen, according to PJ Media.

A Backdoor Way to Abolishing Gun Rights

There is no denying that crime rates have soared in America. As crime grips so many communities, Democrats are arguing that the answer is more gun control.

What Democrats won’t be honest about is their policies which have led to crime going up. Back in 2020, left-wing leaders decided that letting criminals out of prison in order to lower the spread of COVID would be a good idea.

Democrats have also determined that removing high bail costs for poor criminals is acceptable since poor criminals lack the funds to pay bail. That’s not to mention multiple left-wing cities defunding the police after Black Lives Matter called for it.

These policies directly track with crime rates going up, especially in communities that have heavy gun laws.

If Biden were serious about lowering crime in Sacramento, he’d be calling for more policing, a return to reasonable bail laws, etc. Instead, Biden and other Democrats are creating crime problems with destructive policies; then, they’re using these crime problems as a justification to chip away at the Second Amendment.

Fighting Back Against Anti-Gun Agendas

Despite the Democrat Party using the crime rises they created to push for more gun control, it’s actually having the opposite impact in many ways.

Since 2019, millions of new Americans have purchased guns for the very first time. Also, many of these first-time gun buyers are minorities and women. There’s been a rise in people taking firearms training classes and concealed carry classes, as well.

On top of this, constitutional carry is now legal in 25 states across the nation. If there’s one thing left-wing crime problems have shown, it’s the importance of each and every American being able to defend themselves.