Democrats Are Enraged About the New Direction of CNN

Things haven’t been going so well for CNN over the past few years.

Once former President Trump left office in January 2021, the liberal news network saw its ratings significantly decrease. Once the network wasn’t able to trash Trump every night, many Americans turned their attention elsewhere.

On top of declining ratings, CNN’s suffered from its failed streaming service venture, CNN+, along with various PR disasters of scandals from its now-former workers.

New management has come on board in an attempt to rebrand the network and save it from completely going under. However, this new direction is triggering mass outrage from the political left.

Why Democrats Are Turning Against CNN
CNN CEO Chris Licht hasn’t been shy about taking the network in a new direction. Following the recent termination of now-former news anchor Brian Stelter, Licht sent a memo to company employees letting them know more changes are on the horizon.

Licht was also clear that current workers with CNN may not like or comprehend what’s to come. Meanwhile, left-wingers are raging against Licht, especially upon learning that he’s met with GOP lawmakers to get their views on the appropriate direction for the network.

Democrats started a “#BoycottCNN” trend via social media. The left is also beginning to accuse Licht of transforming CNN into “Fox News Lite.”

Apparently, many Democrats believe it’s improper for the current CEO to take actions that might make CNN even a little bit more appealing to conservatives.

Many leftists who announced their decision to boycott CNN claimed they’d turn to MSNBC for their news. Apparently, for them, the CNN of today has become too “right-wing.”

Unintended Consequences
Despite the very vocal outrage from the left, if CNN’s previous brand of being fully left-wing was actually effective, the network’s ratings wouldn’t have declined so much after Trump left office. Likewise, CNN+ would have been a hit, rather than a flop.

Given that things didn’t pan out this way, it shows what CNN was doing before simply wasn’t working. This is ultimately why Licht is going in a very different direction than the network is used to as he tries to rebrand.

With left-wingers turning away from CNN, there’s a possibility the network may manage to attract some moderates and other non-leftists if it plays its cards right.