Democrats Are Driving Their Own Allies Away

Time and time again, the Democratic Party chooses to embrace policies and legislation that are not effective. This ineffectiveness is proven by the fallout of these decisions once they’re put into motion.

In spite of this, Democrats don’t change their habits. Instead, they go on to dig in their heels and double down. The Democratic Party, to this day, doesn’t show any self-awareness or an ability to acknowledge wrongdoings.

As Democrats remain ever set in their ways, they’re losing support from some very unexpected places. According to American Thinker, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-NY) is further digging her party into a hole with her messaging on Ukraine.

The Problem With Pelosi’s Leadership
Earlier this month, the House Speaker made an oath that America will stand with Ukraine until “victory” is won. Pelosi said this as Congress prepares yet another multi-billion-dollar spending package to send over to Ukraine.

This has caused pushback from Republicans; however, even certain left-wing socialists are not pleased with how the Democrats are handling Ukraine.

Some socialists have said that Biden should be using funds going to Ukraine for racial reparations here in America. Likewise, left-wing socialists stated that Pelosi’s vision of “victory” in Ukraine appears shaky at best, leaving America in a tight spot.

Long-term Problems For the Democrat Party
It’s very uncommon for socialists to notably break away from the Democrat Party. If anything, socialists tend to push Democrats to go even further to the left, rather than demanding for them to change courses altogether.

As the Democrat Party loses socialist support, its prospects in the midterm elections aren’t looking good. Joe Biden’s overall job performance ratings are low; his ratings from the public on specific policy issues are even further down the drain.

Judging from the past behavior of Pelosi and other Democrats, socialists should not hold their breath waiting for the party to change. If anything, Democrats will dig in further, saying that even more aid needs to be sent to Ukraine to ensure “victory.”

In the long run, Democrats’ support base will get smaller and smaller. As socialists grow weary of the Democratic Party’s antics, moderates are also tiring of the party, albeit for very different reasons.

Democrats have made their bed; now, they must lie in it.