Democratic Lawmakers Push To End Funding For Fossil Fuels

Democratic lawmakers are urging financial institutions to end all funding for fossil fuels as concerns are already mounting about fuel costs.

Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) is one of the leading lawmakers behind the push for the end of fossil fuel funding. This move to cease funding is focused on financial institutions, but has little regard for the state of consumers.

As with many of the pushes to cease the use and funding of various items, including fossil fuels, the big picture is outweighing the smaller ones. Democratic lawmakers are focused on how ceasing the use of fossil fuels would help reduce climate change.

Climate change is a huge issue for the democrats. The problem the democrats are facing is the opposition from consumers that are feeling the crunch of higher prices on fuel.

The rising fuel prices have a more significant and recognizable impact than climate change does in most consumers daily lives. As the fuel costs rise, so do the costs of transportation as well as the prices for food and other daily needs.

The democratic lawmakers backing this push for a cease to fossil fuel funding are not focused on the consumers and the voters. They are focused on being part of the climate change social network and not the actual changes they could be making for the greater good of their voters.

This week sees the ushering in of the NYC Climate Rally. This year the rally is focusing on fossil fuels and the removal of them from society. This removal consists of funding as well as the overall use of the fuels.

This sounds idealistic considering a total stop to fossil fuels would put a halt to all world economies. Companies are still using fossil fuels for not only transportation, but also for the manufacturing of items. Fossil fuels are used daily on farms around the world and specifically in the United States.

With a total cease to the funding of these fuels we could see our nation shut down. If this is going to happen, it must happen at a rate that is ideal for consumers and for manufacturers who can not make sudden changes to their operations. Consumers must be considered in this drive to no fossil fuels.