Democrat Vows Support For DeSantis Over Hurricane Response

A self-described Florida Democrat went viral Monday for his praise for Florida’s response to the devastation of Hurricane Ian and the man leading the charge. The video, which garnered numerous views, showed a grateful voter throwing his support behind Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Further, it rebuffed a local media report that aid was held up to the hard-hit town of Arcadia while the governor toured the damage.

The voter told the camera operator that gas was there, even in the aftermath of the destructive hurricane and that “I’m voting for DeSantis.”

His words countermanded a report from Michael Paluska of ABC Action News. The disputed account said that citizens were “furious” that relief operations were held up while the governor surveyed the area. DeSantis’ office quickly called the reporting into question.

Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern blasted the news as an “absolute lie” pushed by Michael Paluska. The report was also picked up by Florida Politics Publisher Peter Schorsch.

Redfern added that “not a single operation was paused while the governor was on the ground,” and local law enforcement will confirm this.

In fact, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office posted about DeSantis’ visit in which he traveled by boat through areas fighting their way through Hurricane Ian’s destruction.

Contradicting the media report, Redfern said DeSantis and Sheriff Potter discussed plans to move forward and that “operations have stayed rolling the entire time.”

Ice and other resources were continuously being delivered in Acadia and “supply operations have been nonstop.” Despite the contradictory report, Florida Democrats were quick to seize on the media report.

The party tweeted that aid was “blocked from being delivered” so that the Republican governor could “preen and pose” for pictures. The social media post said that DeSantis cared more about his “public image” than helping those in need.

Former NFL star Jack Brewer, a conservative activist who was also on the scene, wrote that Florida Democrats spread “devilish lies” and called the tweet “sickening and evil.”

Gov. DeSantis has deservedly received high praise for the state’s efforts to both protect citizens before Ian’s impact and in the rescue and cleanup efforts that followed. Voters see this, and to push a false narrative to the contrary is both obvious and insulting to all involved.