‘Defund the Police’ Poster Displayed When Brother of Slain Officer Returns to High School

The brother of an Indiana police officer killed in the line of duty returned to his classroom last week while grieving only to see a “Defund the Police” poster. The teacher, who doubles as the school’s Mental Health Club coach, termed it an “accident.”

The club is called “Bring Change to Mind.”

Elwood officer Noah Shahnavaz was shot and killed during a traffic stop on July 31. He was a five-year military veteran who had only been on the force for 11 months. His younger brother still attends Fishers High School, where Shahnavaz graduated.

According to local media reports, the younger brother returned to school after two weeks out only to see the poster. It was in his second block creative writing class and was not removed for two days afterwards despite Shahnavaz’s family protesting to the school.

The high school explained that it was an assignment from the previous school year where a student listed the pros and cons of defunding police departments. An administrator said the school “deeply regrets the pain it caused.”

The teacher, Marina Gibson, said she had forgotten to take the poster down. Chalkboard Review reported that Gibson was the winner of the “Grace Farrell Award for Political Engagement and Social Advocacy” in 2016.

Nearly no one, even Democrats, still call for defunding the police after the cataclysmic failure of efforts across the nation. After law enforcement was reduced to targets in 2020, many jumped onto the bandwagon of taking police funds and moving them to social services.

Many departments shrank their rolls dramatically, either on purpose or by seeing officers leave due to the quickly changing nature of the job. Public hostility towards the police grew exponentially, at least in some areas, and officers became fair game for derision or worse.

Of course, that changed as soon as the communities crying out for canceling the police fell victim to the criminals instead. A high school classroom is not appropriate for radical statements such as “defund the police,” no matter under what guise they are displayed.