DC is Getting Illegal Immigrants Enrolled Into Schools

The city of Washington DC is bound and determined to keep COVID-19 vaccine mandates alive.

Even after the CDC updated its guidance to concede that vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals shouldn’t be treated any differently, DC still isn’t backing down.

The left-wing city determined that children who don’t get their COVID-19 vaccines won’t have access to classrooms for the 2022-2023 school year. On top of this, these children won’t have access to remote learning either, seeing as this isn’t a program DC is going to offer.

A reporter with the Daily Signal recently pointed out this strict vaccine mandate will predominantly impact black students who are not vaccinated. However, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has been clear that she doesn’t care.

At the same time, Bowser isn’t hesitating to ensure that illegal immigrants are promptly enrolled in schools.

What to Know About Schooling For Illegal Immigrants in DC
Washington DC has determined that illegal immigrants will not only get school enrollment help, but also be able to access “services needed.”

According to DC Public Schools, the city is going to make sure that illegal immigrants in all communities are able to attend the schools closest to them. In addition to this, DC now has a center that’s specifically designed to welcome illegal immigrants and help them with enrollment.

Of course, the city does not have a school enrollment plan for children of the community who are here legally and simply not vaccinated.

Bowser and other officials of Washington DC also have yet to explain how their COVID-19 vaccine mandate is in line with science. Coincidentally, science has consistently shown that children are far less vulnerable to serious virus infections than adults are.

A Pattern With Mayor Bowser
Despite any science pertaining to COVID-19, Bowser’s worked hard to keep various vaccine mandates in effect.

Though just earlier this month, a vaccine mandate that she attempted to impose on city workers was deemed unlawful and struck down in courts.

Bowser’s current vaccine mandate for schoolchildren in her city is facing heightened scrutiny as well, especially in light of her efforts to get illegal immigrants into schools.

Ironically, these efforts come as the DC mayor has been complaining about the volumes of migrants being shipped to her community from Texas.