‘David Hogg Weaponizes Earnestness’: The Left’s Lack Of Self Awareness Is Truly Insane

“It’s truly insane to be so unaware of one’s existence. How can people expect to create an entirely new system and society if they can’t even run their organizations?”

Before the headline gave you the answer, who would you have guessed said it? Dr. Jordan B. Peterson? Ben Shapiro? Some other “far-right extremist, white supremacist” Boomer?

Of course, you can’t trust those guys to say anything honest about your political movement if you’re a young progressive.

However, David Hogg was one of the victims of the 2018 rampage murder at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which killed 17 students and injured 17 others.

That life-changing tragedy catalyzed Hogg to devote his energies to political activism in favor of stricter gun control laws and against cyberbullying. He organized some high-profile protests and boycotts in this endeavor.

But there’s another reason why progressives should listen and take to heart what David Hogg had to say in his Nov 25th tweet thread to his followers. Writing for Twitchy, Sam J. had to say about Hogg’s warning that progressives are their “own worst enemy” today.

Out of most American progressive figures of any notoriety, Hogg would have the most to gain personally from the game of victimhood as a social and political currency. So progressives might view his admonitions as doubly earnest. And as well-informed, because of so close a brush with unrestrained, murderously vengeful evil as he and his classmates experienced in 2018.

Hogg’s recommendation? He says: “Progressives need to do some real reflection on how we can be a movement that brings people in rather than pushing the few we already have out.”

A correction to Hogg’s tweet: “American progressivism has more than a few people in it. It’s quite possibly a giant tent political movement than conservatism in the United States (certainly party affiliation numbers would bear that out, with Democrats consistently outnumbering Republicans in Gallup surveys).”

But outnumbering either Republicans or Democrats in America are the number of unaffiliated, independent voters registered to neither party. And they are watching and listening to both sides for how they talk among themselves and each other.

David Hogg concluded his tweet thread with a principle: “the weapon of cult-like retributive justice” is not what he and other progressives he agrees with stand for. He says his progressivism stands on “the philosophy of restorative justice.” The former is about revenge. The latter is about love.