Culprit Responsible For Jennifer-Ruth Green’s Sexual Assault Leak Found

The Air Force has taken full responsibility for the release of GOP House candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green’s confidential personnel records to an opposition research firm, records that detailed a sexual assault during the time of her service.

“Based on the preliminary findings of an investigation, it appears information was released to a third party by a junior individual who didn’t follow proper procedures and obtain required consent,” Ann Stefanek, chief of media operations at the Air Force, said. “The Department of the Air Force takes its responsibility to safeguard private information seriously and the matter remains under investigation.”

The leaked information was published in a story by Politico that, on the surface, was nothing more than a “Person of Interest” story highlighting Green’s candidacy. It turned into much more because of the sensitive information released.

Green reacted to the release of that information during an interview with Fox Digital, and that video can be seen below.

Green accused Politico of, “proceeding with the publication of the story despite having clear interaction and engagement and telling them that the records were illegally obtained.”

She continued, “I’m surprised because Adam Wren spent time in this article focusing on every single detail down to the skirt I was wearing, down to the color of the skirt I was wearing, down to every single knob I touched, all of those things, but yet he writes clinically about one of the worst days of my life. He has no idea the concept of being forced to be in a four-by-four, round circular area, 30 feet in the ground in a tower where you only have windows and a 30-foot drop on the other side, 30-foot drop to escape somebody who was blocking your path [with] somebody who has a clear intent with a weapon in hand, who is focused on trying to take advantage of you, and you’re able to escape that with minimal physical harm. And he wants to reduce that to 50 characters.”

Based on the nature of the House race and the timing of the Politico piece, Green and others believe the release of the information by Air Force personnel, to an opposition research firm, and written about by a liberal publication was a politically-motivated attempt to affect the upcoming election.