Cruz Introduces Sweeping Legislation To Strengthen US Energy Security

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced three bills on Monday designed to make the U.S. more energy secure by accelerating oil and gas permitting.

The Biden administration has been notoriously slow and often antagonistic in approving new energy projects, even as prices soared at gas pumps and on electric bills. The new proposals look to drastically improve the process of increasing our domestic energy supply.

The Daily Caller reported that the first of the three bills, the Energy Freedom Act, would speed the procedure for obtaining federal permits for energy projects and pipelines.

It would mandate new gas lease sales for both onshore and offshore drilling. In addition, it would approve liquified natural gas export licenses that are currently pending and accelerate solar, wind, and geothermal development.

The second measure, the Federal Permitting Modernization Act (FAST Act), would mandate that federal agencies utilize timelines for issuing federal approvals.

For instance, agencies have five days to notify the public of a project through the Federal Register. Within 30 days the environmental documents subject to review must be published followed by 60 days for public comment.

There would also be 30 days for project approval or disapproval based on the information and feedback.

The 90-Day Review Act is the third bill introduced by Cruz. The Republican’s proposal would reduce from 150 days down to 90 the time to file a petition for a judicial review of a permit, license, or approval of a major project.

Notably, the multiple pieces of legislation do not eliminate steps. However, they streamline a process that desperately needs to be upgraded to allow critical energy projects to proceed and alleviate the financial crunch on the U.S. taxpayer.

As Cruz noted in a statement, consumers are dealing with record-high energy prices, both at the gas pump and in heating their homes. This is primarily due to the White House’s animosity towards the oil and gas industries, and many billions are lost in the permitting process alone.

Cruz pointed out that the bills do not cost taxpayers at all. Instead, they streamline revenue and ease shortages while weaning the nation off dependence on foreign suppliers. Energy security should be at the forefront of Washington’s priorities.