Cruz Argues It Is Time To Impeach Biden

After recent revelations that directly implicate President Joe Biden in his son’s foreign business schemes, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) argued that the House of Representatives should immediately begin an investigation into Biden and consider impeaching him, along with Attorney General Merrick Garland.

In his argument, Cruz cited the recently released WhatsApp messages of Hunter Biden demanding money from Chinese businessman Henry Zhao — where Hunter uses the claim that his father was in the room with him as part of his threatening demands.

“I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled,” the message from Hunter read. “Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight. And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”

Within ten days of that message, bank accounts linked to Hunter Biden received $5.1 million in payments from a Chinese-owned company that Zhao worked with.

During a recent episode of his “Verdict with Ted Cruz” podcast, the Texas senator was asked when he believes that the investigation and issues regarding Hunter Biden would turn into an issue for his father, which could prompt impeachment efforts.

“It is right now,” Cruz responded.

“Look, this WhatsApp is direct evidence of Joe Biden abusing his government power to enrich his son, and, assuming 10% for the big guy, to enrich himself,” he continued. “Remember, this WhatsApp says, ‘we want to know.’ This is not just me, Hunter, just mooching off my dad… Of course, the House needs to investigate it, but the stunning thing is what the IRS whistleblower says is [Department of Justice], Merrick Garland prevented an investigation even into this message.”

Cruz went on to point out that the WhatsApp message “directly ties Joe Biden to the millions of dollars coming from communist China.”

“Now, it is possible Hunter Biden was lying, it’s possible Joe Biden wasn’t next to him,” he added. “It’s possible Joe Biden was not going to inflict official damage on the Chinese if they didn’t pay him and his son millions of dollars. That’s possible, but you know what, we don’t know if it’s true or not. Why? Because, according to the whistleblower, they didn’t investigate, and they were prohibited from investigating. They were prevented from even asking the question.”

“Let me be clear: This, on the face of it, is obstruction of justice,” Cruz continued. “And if Merrick Garland issued that order, he is the one blocking the investigation, and I think there’s real evidence of Merrick Garland being guilty of obstruction of justice.”

The Texas senator then condemned his Democrat colleagues for not caring about the issue, noting that they would be holding a hearing about the WhatsApp message if they truly believed in upholding the rule of law.

“If you had a single Democrat who gave a flying flip about the rule of law, we would have a hearing right now with Merrick Garland in front of us, under oath, asking about this WhatsApp,” Cruz said. “We would ask to see every document, we would ask to see every email, we’d ask to see every communication between DOJ and the investigators. We would put the IRS whistleblowers on the stand, under oath to testify about it, and we would confront Merrick Garland with that.”

According to Cruz, that isn’t likely to happen in the Senate because Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL) would block it.

All of this comes as Joe Biden and his team have repeatedly denied that the president has ever been involved with or had knowledge of his son’s overseas business dealings, despite evidence to the contrary.