COVID Vaccine Mandates Could Very Soon “Threaten” National Security

When Joe Biden was running to be President in 2020, he made a series of ridiculous promises that he had no intentions of keeping or following through on. However, the problem with this is that this President is now having hazardous impacts on the nation.

One of Biden’s central vows during the 2020 presidential election was not to put through COVID vaccine mandates. The 46th President quickly went back on this. In 2021, he started rolling out mandates left and right.

In January, the Supreme Court ruled against Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration would have enforced against more prominent businesses.

Likewise, a federal judge in the state of Texas blocked the enforcement of Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates for federal employees.

Despite these rulings, Biden is trying every way possible to get in vaccine mandates where he can, with threats of job termination for people who refuse. Many people serving in the military rightfully stand up against these unjust mandates.

As noted by the Washington Free Beacon, if Biden does not back down from the COVID vaccine mandates he’s attempting to wage upon the US military, it could threaten national security.

When it comes to COVID vaccine mandates in the military, many Marines say “no deal.” Thus far, thousands of servicemembers have submitted requests for religious exemptions from Biden’s mandate. However, only three of these exemptions have been approved.

All in all, 40,000 servicemembers spanning across the Air Force, Marines, Army, and Navy could get the boot if Biden insists on standing by his mandate. Higher-ups within the military have essentially made it clear that no exceptions to the mandate will be made.

Meanwhile, there’s been legal pushback against this vaccination order, with the lawsuit making its way through the courts. Both in and out of the military, many Americans are hopeful that Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for servicemembers gets struck down.
In light of all that’s happening in the world, now is not the time to be kicking out members of the military en masse. America needs our military to be in the most vital possible position, especially considering tensions with Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, and Asia.

The United States’ national security will likely depend upon the courts banning the vaccination order for the military. The alternative to this is very frightening indeed.