COVID Panic Has Officially Stopped Selling

Throughout 2020 and even during the better part of 2021, leaders could repeatedly play the COVID panic card.

Leftists and health officials intentionally stoked tension and panic by putting out half-truths and misleading information about this virus. Sometimes, they outrightly lied and violated their guidance which they expected the rest of the nation to follow.

However, things began to fall apart as Democrat leaders, and so-called medical experts showed they didn’t know when to stop. These people continuously pushed more mandates and restrictions without clear signs of when Americans could expect it all to be over.

It led to rising pushback and folks eventually beginning to tune these officials out. Now, new developments from PJ Media confirm that more people realize the COVID panic card is officially all played out.

The Associated Press has taken a somewhat unusual stance as a mainstream media outlet by instructing its reporting and editing teams to steer clear of covering COVID case numbers. Instead, the reporters and editors of the Associated Press should direct their attention to other aspects of the virus, such as hospitalizations.

The Associated Press conceded that health officials’ reported case numbers are unreliable in another interesting twist. It is driven mainly by the reality of hospitals counting anyone who tests positive in their facility as a COVID patient, even if they came to a hospital for reasons outside the virus.

However, while the Associated Press has arrived at a reasonable revelation, they contributed to the mass panic and fearmongering in 2020 and 2021. The reality that more people are tuning out endless reports of COVID cases is what’s undoubtedly played a role in their latest decision.

With the Associated Press steering clear from reporting on mere cases of COVID, it begs to question whether or not other media outlets are going to take a similar approach.

Some networks may go in this direction sooner rather than later. However, additional publications, such as CNN, will play the COVID panic card for as long as they possibly can.

Democrats have used COVID panic as a strategy to sell neverending government mandates and restrictions. They’re not going to be so eager to give this up, even as it becomes increasingly apparent that the nation has gotten tired of it.