Conservative Organization Is Suing Homeland Security Over Prince Harry

In his memoir titled “Spare,” the Duke of Sussex admitted to having used drugs, specifically cocaine, psychedelics, and marijuana, illegally. As a result, a recent lawsuit is petitioning the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to release Prince Harry’s immigration records to the public.

The Heritage Foundation, the conservative organization which is suing the DHS, released a statement suggesting that either Prince Harry had lied on his immigration application and the DHS needs to investigate the matter, or he had been truthful, and the DHS had granted him an exception.

Even if Prince Harry did lie on his immigration application, the current administration under President Biden has conveyed to the world that American immigration laws and border security are not a primary concern. Since Biden assumed office, the number of illegal immigrants in the country has skyrocketed, and this month’s figures are set to be the highest in national history due to the expiration of Title 42 on May 11.

Title 42 was a pandemic-era policy that enabled border patrol to expel illegal migrants instantly upon their first encounter. However, once this policy expires, illegal migrants will have the option to either seek asylum in the United States or be released into the country on parole without seeking asylum.

Over the past weekend, the mayors of three Texas border cities, Brownsville, El Paso, and Laredo, announced a state of emergency due to the escalating situation.

Chris Cabrera, a 21-year veteran of the Border Patrol, expressed concern, stating that if the situation continues at this rate, the situation will only worsen after May 11. “We’re in deep, deep, deep trouble,” said Cabrera.

Prince Harry’s admission into the United States, despite his confession of using hard drugs, is indicative of multiple issues with the Biden Administration. It not only highlights the ongoing illegal immigration crisis but also raises concerns about the possibility of a two-tier justice system.

The Biden Administration seems to be letting Democrats and their supporters off the hook while targeting the political adversaries of the left with harsh scrutiny from the justice department. The FBI has labeled traditional Catholics as “white supremacists” and conducted raids on pro-life activists who are now facing fines and imprisonment.

Furthermore, while peaceful protesters on January 6 faced persecution from state prosecutors, Black Lives Matter rioters, who caused fatalities and billions of dollars in damages, were largely left unpunished.