Congress Must Change Its Approach Toward Federal Funding

On Friday, September 30, the federal capital for this fiscal year will come to an end. America’s faced this crossroads before. Although more often than not, lawmakers on both sides end up agreeing to appropriations packages or “continuous-resolution plans.”

Much of this is due to the stigma associated with government shutdowns. Quite frankly, neither party wants to take the political heat that comes with the public blaming them for the federal government being out of operation.

However, given that the current approaches to federal funding continue to bring problems to America, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) is demanding that a change is in order.

What to Know About Roy’s Proposals
The Texas congressman warns that up until now, federal funding approaches have led to mass drug trafficking and human trafficking, an increasingly hostile IRS, unaffordable energy costs, and continuously bad policies hurting the nation.

That comes on top of woke ideologies infecting children’s education and the US military suffering historic recruitment shortages.

According to Roy, one huge part of fixing this will entail the GOP rejecting any continuous-resolution plans or appropriations packages that Democrats propose to prolong government funding.

The Texas Republican says by the GOP resisting these means of keeping the status quo going, Americans can use their votes in the midterms to determine how Congress ultimately handles US taxpayer dollars.

Despite the efforts from Democrats to maintain the current status quo, federal spending control has always been in the hands of Congress.

Although Republicans are currently the minority party, Democrats will not be able to pass appropriations packages or continuous-resolution plans without Republican votes.

A New Step Forward
If GOP lawmakers take Roy’s advice and if the Republican Party wins the midterms, a new leaf will turn over.

With this, a GOP-led Congress will have the power to push for policies that actually help Americans, rather than policies that work against their own best interests.

The Texas congressman warns that up until this point, Republicans have had a hand in enabling Democrats to bring America to its current point. Now, GOP lawmakers have the power to change this by not handing another blank check to uplift the leadership of the Biden White House.