Colorado Primary Holds Big Win and Many Losses For Conservatives

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has secured a primary win over her left-leaning opponent, Republican Colorado state Sen. Don Coram, but other elections didn’t go so well for those hoping for a change in the Republican Party.

Boebert, who represents the state’s 3rd District, is known for being a firebrand in the GOP, making waves with her strong conservative views.

State Sen. Coram’s more liberal views don’t seem to align with traditional conservative ideologies. In 2019, he sponsored HB19-1032, which increased Colorado’s comprehensive sex education program for children and requires school districts to teach the curriculum. This includes discussions on alternate genders, sexualities and birth control methods — his fellow state legislators vehemently opposed the tone-deaf policy.

Boebert’s supporters seem to appreciate her support of former President Donald Trump, her America First stance, her pro-Second Amendment positions and the fact that she’s unapologetically pro-life. While Coram has more experience in government, experienced liberal Republicans are exactly what conservative voters are trying to send packing this November.

While many celebrate the congresswoman’s primary win, many RINOs made their way onto Colorado’s ballot.

Tina Peters, who was Mesa County’s clerk before she was ousted, captured and reported evidence of election interference and irregularities in the state’s voting systems. This caused Soros-backed Secretary of State Jena Griswold to unleash vicious attacks on the clerk, seemingly trying to keep Peter’s damning info from being acted on.

With the help of people like MyPillow’s Mike Lindell and “America’s Mom” Sherronna Bishop, citizens across Colorado began banding together to get to the bottom of widely reported election irregularities. Peters launched a campaign to run for secretary of state in hopes of unseating Griswold, a staunch liberal.

With rising support, many were shocked when Peters reportedly lost to Pam Anderson, who seemed to lack state-wide support. Peters’ following was strong and several rallies were held in her honor while campaigning.

Another blow came when pro-abortionist Joe O’Dea beat Republican State Representative Ron Hanks. O’Dea publicly supports abortion, saying, “I don’t support a total ban. The country is not 100% pro-life. The country is not 100% pro-choice.”

Hanks, who is anti-abortion, aligned himself with Peters to also question election integrity. On the other hand, O’Dea aligned himself staunchly with Ukraine and is a strong supporter of the man-made climate change theory.

Lastly, a prominent leader in the GOP’s gubernatorial race, Greg Lopez, lost to Heidi Ganahl. The state’s current Democratic Governor, Jared Polis, is one of the country’s most extreme liberal state leaders, supporting horrific late-term abortions, LGBT indoctrination of children, gun control and many other controversial stances in Colorado. Lopez, however, is anti-abortion. And Ganahl supports abortion in some cases.

Many are questioning these Republican primary results, waiting until they can evaluate the fairness of the election.

While Colorado won with Boebert, their other GOP candidates are sorely lacking in conservative ideals. As disappointments mount in nationwide Republican primaries, it is clear that conservative voters will need to organize and push even harder in the next elections if they want their values fairly represented.