CNN ‘Trashes’ Biden Over Inflation

Of all the miscalculations Biden’s made since worming his way into the Oval Office, inflation may very well make the top of the list.

Biden and his Administration have been sloppy and all over the place when it comes to skyrocketing prices across every industry. First, the White House alleged that inflation was just a “transitory” bump in the road. The inherent falseness of this claim is on full display.

Since 2021, polls have indicated the widespread agreement that Biden needs to deal with inflation. In some of his latest statements about high prices, the President stated everyone deserves to feel “peace of mind” and not have to worry.

Amid Biden’s weak-kneed response to the economic crisis he created, CNN went all in, ripping the sitting President to shreds, as TheBlaze covers.

CNN analyst Bakari Sellers was not pleased with Biden’s statements on inflation. According to Sellers, inflation is Biden’s problem to figure out a solution to.

The CNN analyst continued, stating the American public would like solutions from the President, rather than the president just regurgitating what various economists have told him.

Sellers also declared that Biden was “terrible” when communicating with the public about inflation. The CNN analyst’s remarks come amidst new reports from the Labor Department regarding the consumer price index reaching a rate of 7.5% last month.

The criticism Sellers levied against Biden likewise comes after the President was pressed by NBC News anchor Lester Holt about the inflation crisis in America.

Since the inception of inflation, Biden’s been all full of excuses, but even these excuses appear to have run out. Everyone is now saying the same thing when it comes to sky-high prices.

Republicans and Democrats, Fox News and CNN note the inherent role Biden has in fixing inflation, rather than passing the buck or making up excuses. The White House won’t write this off as just right-wing talking points either.

As networks like CNN turn against Biden, the rest of the Democrat Party isn’t that far behind. Days ago, Biden’s base was sorely disappointed upon learning that Democrats are no longer planning to implement “free” community college. It was something Biden campaigned on in 2020 and a reason why many folks on the left voted for him.

Biden takes another step towards complete political destruction with each poor decision and miscalculation.