CNN Just Got a Harsh Dose of Reality

Problems for CNN continue to increase with no sign of things changing anytime soon.

For quite some time, the network’s ratings have been seriously suffering and underwater. This is because, with former President Trump out of office, CNN has little to say that people want to hear.

CNN did this to itself by being a network that trashes conservatives and promotes left-wing talking points, rather than being a legitimate news organization. Without the man leftists have turned into the boogeyman, their model of doing business hasn’t held up so well.

On top of this, CNN’s reputation has been dragged through the mud by various members of their staff who have been busted engaging in illegal activities, some of which involved minors. Look no further than former CNN producer, John Griffin.

Weeks ago, this network tries to launch, CNN+, a paid subscription service. However, within a month, CNN pulled in so few viewers that the project ended up being canned altogether.

With CNN+ dead in the water, the network has now been hit with a much-needed dose of reality, as Twitchy reports.

The Wake-Up Call

In light of all the Americans that CNN’s alienated with its false stories and biased reporting, the demise of CNN+ hasn’t exactly garnered sympathy from the public.

Nevertheless, CNN producer Ellie Smith put out a tweet, asking for people to “be kind” when tweeting out various remarks about the network’s setback. Smith also noted that despite the snarky comments, many folks working for CNN had the rug pulled out from under them when CNN+ flopped.

This is when Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) responded to Smith. Noem reminded the CNN producer that what she’s talking about is exactly how Keystone XL Pipeline workers felt last January when Biden killed their jobs.

During this time, when CNN covered the president’s shutdown of the pipeline, they didn’t show much sympathy to the 11,000 blue-collar Americans who were put out of jobs.

What Goes Around Comes Around

If CNN had a business model that didn’t involve bias and trashing half of the country, perhaps they’d still have fairly decent ratings even after Trump left the White House. There’s also a real possibility that CNN+ might have pulled in more subscribers.

For years, conservatives have been warning about the danger of fake news. Media outlets like CNN have disregarded the warnings and denied that fake news even exists.

Now, the network is forced to live with the consequences of its actions.