CNN CEO Says Changes Must Not Upset ‘Core Audience’

Earlier this week, CNN CEO Chris Licht explained in an interview that one of the reasons the left-wing network has been slow to change its operations is because he cannot risk offending “our core audience.”

Licht reportedly told The Los Angeles Times that he wiped his Twitter account as he is “very focused” on having the outlet be recognized as trustworthy.

“What we are doing is fundamentally reformatting the network. And it’ll take some time for that to get into a rhythm, and then it’ll take time to market it. And so it will take some time to grow again,” Licht said. “The people I work for understand that we didn’t get here overnight and we’re not going to get out of it overnight.”

Licht announced he is now hobnobbing with “culturally relevant individuals from the worlds of entertainment, sports, and comedy who can bring fresh and unique perspectives to the news” as the network looks to revamp its prime-time lineup after it fired Chris Cuomo and moved Don Lemon to its morning lineup.

“I’m casting a wide net to help broaden the appeal of our prime time,” he said. “But at the same time, I can’t offend our core audience of news junkies. I would never do anything that would hurt the brand and reputation that we’re working so hard to restore.”

He admitted the media outlet has a record of market research indicating that its image has been tarnished in the public eye.

Licht additionally said that he does not want the network to be a home of “partisan hackery” or “ideological talking points” as he continues to modify the network’s lineup, according to the New York Post. He claimed that he would like for Republicans to appear on the network, promising, “We won’t invite you on to score points on you.”

The CNN CEO has faced animosity from some on his own side of the political aisle following his self-proclaimed initiative to change the network’s ways. Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, who is well known as a more eccentric member of the American left, called CNN “just another right-wing whorehouse” earlier this month when reacting to a report on Joe Biden’s classified document scandal.

“Shame on you, Cooper,” Olbermann wrote online.