CNN Briefly Comes To The Defense Of Fox News Reporter

CNN and Fox News are just about as far apart as the east is from the west.

It’s a widely known and well-established fact that CNN is a leftist news network. The report from left-wing points of view generally makes it a point to oppose Republicans and conservatives.

However, in light of how poorly President Biden’s been doing in office, CNN has repeatedly held his feet to the fire.

Meanwhile, Fox News is generally regarded as a right-leaning news network. Fox News generally favors conservative viewpoints and tends to support Republican members.

In light of these details, one might find it hard to imagine that someone from CNN would come to the defense of a Fox News reporter. However, this happened earlier in the week with CNN host Jake Tapper, per TheBlaze.

During a segment on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Tapper was asked whether his job as a news reporter is less attractive with Donald Trump being out of the White House.

To this end, Tapper said it’s not dull. After asking about inflation, he referenced that Biden referred to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy as a “stupid son of a b*tch.”

Kimmel laughed about this and then asked Tapper whether or not he agreed with the assessment of the 46th President. To this end, the CNN reporter surprisingly stated that no president should be making the type of comments that Biden made about Doocy.

Tapper also professed that Doocy asked Biden about inflation in the United States was a relatively benign inquiry. Finally, Tapper explained to Kimmel that Biden’s behavior flies in the face of a decency standard to which all individuals should hold themselves.

To see a CNN news anchor come to the defense of a Fox News reporter against Biden was not something many Americans expected.

However, it simply goes to show that Biden is losing the left. Between inflation, poor approval ratings, low poll numbers, unstocked store shelves, and more, virtually no one can defend this President and seem credible.

The reality that seven in ten voters believe the United States is not heading in a good direction isn’t something CNN can spin to make Biden look good.

CNN isn’t the only leftist news organization with which the 46th President is falling out of favor. Other outlets, such as MSNBC, CBS News, ABC News, etc., have stopped defending Biden as they once used to.